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PeerLibrary/UC Berkeley
Berkeley, USA
Twitter: mitar_m

I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley interested in open science, science collaboration, e-democracy, deliberative democracy, collective intelligence, trust networks, group decision support systems, collaboration tools, peer-to-peer and distributed systems, wireless mesh/community networks, organic/self-healing technologies.

I am active in the project called PeerLibrary (https://peerlibrary.org/), which is facilitating the global conversation on academic literature. It provides easy way to find and collaboratively read academic publication online. It is open source: https://github.com/peerlibrary/peerlibrary

Through the project we are trying to answer the question what comes after open access. Let's assume open access will happen (and it will), what tools can we build then? PeerLibrary is trying to show a few ideas and create a compelling argument why open access is necessary.

While working at PeerLibrary, I also help with Open Access Initiative at Berkeley (http://oa.berkeley.edu/), where we lobbied for open access policy at University of California system, which was finally adopted in 2013, and California state-wide bill requiring publicly funded research to be open access, which passed in 2014. We also organize events like https://archive.org/details/OpenAccessPublicMeetingAndPanel

My Facilitators Sessions

Tuesday, July 15

18:00 CEST