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I am a medical student. I am co-founder and co-lead of the Open Access Button. I spend all my time thinking about and talking about (this is a warning) all things open, things that should be open, the web, evidence-based medicine and cats. The Open Access Button is a browser bookmarklet that lets users search for alternative access to research articles and report when they are denied access to research. Since we launched in November 2013, the Open Access Button Beta has been doing it’s job in recording when people have been denied access to research and now I am co-leading a global, diverse student team supported by a professional steering committee. As co-lead I am responsible for co-ordinating this team in preparation for the launch of a new Open Access Button later this year during Open Access Week. I am also on the steering committee of the Open Policy Network, which hopes to foster the creation, adoption and implementation of open policies and practices that advance the public good by supporting open policy advocates, organisations and policy makers, connecting open policy opportunities with assistance, and sharing open policy information. All of this interest in Openness began about 18 months ago and since then, my interest in open access, open issues and things that should be open has grown exponentially. These areas include copyright, free and remix culture, the free and open internet and digital civil liberties. In-person meetings like Open Con are an incredible opportunity to meet new people, re-connect with friends and ultimately collaborate and work together after the event to create shared understanding and progress around these open issues. I hope to use my experience at Open Con to engage students and early career researchers in open access advocacy with the Open Access Button as the launch of the next Open Access Button will be focussing on mobilising existing and new advocates to work on open issues at a local, national and international level. I aslo hope to engage students and ECRs in the Open Policy Network, as we represent an increasingly important voice that can help advance open policy.  Licensed CC BY 4.0

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Tuesday, July 15

18:00 CEST